I grew up in a small family business so it always seemed like a natural path to take was being my own boss. In truth when you are in the service industry you have many bosses and they change from hour to hour depending on who is in your chair. The direction I grew is in large due to those people in my chair and the stylists around me.

   It was while I was working in someone else's salon that I realized what was missing in our industry. Clients naturally wanted to share their previous salon experiences the first time they met me. Listening what I heard was they often felt attracted to a salon but the stylist they were partnered with didn't seem to fit the space. Or they followed a stylist they liked to a location they felt didn't match. What if the stylist defined the space they worked in to create the experience for their clients. As a stylist myself who specialized in organic and ammonia free products I was limited to the spaces I could work in. Were there others like me? There had to be.

   Massage therapists, estheticians, and sometimes nail techs had there own rooms, why not hair? Here, the studios were born. I wanted it to be the kind of place I was looking for. As we grow and the times change I continue to listen. It is with the needs of my studio renters and clients that shapes the set up and amenities for our growing business. I thank you for taking the time to read this. If you feel a connection, I sincerely hope you will consider joining us.

   Thank you,



  • Find the right fit

  • Welcome everyone with a smile

  • Be considerate of your neighbors

  • Healthiest self in mind, body, and spirit

  • A healthy environment nutures abundance

  • Always be growing

  • Foster positivity

  • Make the world more beautiful



The licensed beauty professional who cares about the environment, attends continuing education regularly, and desires to make each day better while serving their clients.