At Salon Blue Studio Salons, each beauty professional independently operates their own business in a private studio.  This design allows them  the flexibility to offer you, the guest, a personalized environment for your visit.  Whether you are joining your stylist here or looking for a new one, please feel free to use the
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When stepping into our location for the first time, you may be wondering; “With every beauty professional being in control of their own business, where do I go since there is no receptionist to guide me?” You may go directly to the studio your stylist conducts business in.  If for any reason they are not quite ready for you, you are welcome to find your way to the front seating area and relax until you head back to the studio.

Licensed Professionals at The Studios

  • Studio 1.      Maranda. 941-575-8598

  • Studio 2.      Maria.      610-217-6453

  • Studio 3.      Brian.       757-822-3161

  • Studio 4.      Available

  • Studio 5.     Available

  • Studio 6.     Available

  • Studio 7.     Available 

  • Studio 8.      Judi.         941-286-5401

  • Studio 9.     Diana.       239-994-5838

  • Studio 10.   Rebekah.  717-480-7591

  • Studio 11.   Tonya.      941-268-6234

  • Studio 12.   Paige.      941-473-6027

  • Studio 13.   Available     

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 Salon Blue Studio Salons